A Laugh on Tuesday: Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson 1

Mel Gibson 7

Mel Gibson 2

Mel Gibson 6

Mel Gibson 8

Mel Gibson 9

Mel Gibson 15

Mel Gibson 4

Mel Gibson 3

Mel Gibson 10

Mel Gibson 11


Mel Gibson 12

Mel Gibson 13

Mel Gibson 14

Mel Gibson 16

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A Laugh on Tuesday – Public’s Reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman

Hello to all and welcome back to the ‘A Laugh on Tuesday’. Today I’m going to take a look at the public’s reaction to the announcement of Ben Affleck as the new Batman. It’s a little bit crazy to say the least, but do enjoy. Personally I think he’d make a good Batman, but some of these memes are absolutely hilarious, so do enjoy! “Hello I’m Ben – Ben the Batman!’

Ben Afleck 17

Ben Afleck 16

Ben Afleck 6

Ben Afleck 15

Ben Afleck 11

Ben Afleck 10

Ben Afleck 14

Ben Afleck 13

Ben Afleck 8

Ben Afleck 4

Ben Afleck 3

Ben Afleck 7

Ben Afleck 5

Ben Afleck 9

Ben Afleck 1

Ben Afleck 2

Ben Afleck 12

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