A Laugh on Tuesday: Charlie Chaplin

Welcome to ‘A Laugh on Tuesday’. Today I’m looking at some Charlie Chaplin memes, but first of all what about something more serious:

Charlie Chaplin 15

Charlie Chaplin 14

Charlie Chaplin 13

Charlie Chaplin 12

Charlie Chaplin 6

Charlie Chaplin 1

Charlie Chaplin 2

Charlie Chaplin 3

Charlie Chaplin 4

Charlie Chaplin 9

Charlie Chaplin 8

Charlie Chaplin 5

Charlie Chaplin 7

Charlie Chaplin 10

Charlie Chaplin 11

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A Quote on Thursday

ver_hardy_&_Mrs_HardyOliver Hardy about to be chastised by the Mrs in Blockheads

Oliver Hardy in Blockheads (1938):

Oliver Hardy: But, Dear, I haven’t seen Stan in 20 years.
Mrs. Hardy: I couldn’t see him in a hundred years.

dore_schary_portrait_lgDore Schary

MGM Production Chief  Dore Schary when asked who he thought were the great Hollywood Pioneering Directors :

D. W. Griffith, Rex Ingram, Cecil B. DeMille, and Erich von Stroheim – in that order.”

Playwright Robert SherwoodRobert Sherwood working through all the hardships of having a painter over his shoulder

Playwright Robert Sherwood on Rex Ingram and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

… the grandiose posturing of D. W. Griffith and Cecil B. DeMille appear pale and artificial in the light of this new production.

stan_laurel___sons_of_the_desertStan Laurel in Sons of the Desert

Stan Laurel:

You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.


D. W. GriffithD. W. Griffith

D. W. Griffith:

I am fond of depicting the lives of young folks for one thing, and if you don’t have parts for girls or young men, you must absolutely have young people to fill them – that is generally acknowledged now.”

Lillian Gish


Lillian Gish with her ‘Come and get me eyes!’

Lillian Gish:

Young man, if God had wanted you to see me that way, he would have put your eyes in your bellybutton.”


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A Laugh on Tuesday

You’re welcome back again to ‘A Laugh on Tuesday”. I’ve included a clip of Laurel & Hardy taken from Way Out West. A talkie I know, but how else could we hear the hilarity of the two lads in their comical version of ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine‘. So tune in and enjoy.

Gene Wilder


Charlie Chaplin

South Park





Hot Babes

Cinema Staff

Scum Utd

See y’all next week then when I’ll have some more funny memes and I’ll find another Youtube clip for you to enjoy! 😀

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A Quote on Thursday



Stan Laurel

Quoted by Stan Laurel:

If any of you cry at my funeral, I’ll never speak to you again.

Oliver Hardy

Quoted by Oliver Hardy:

Well, if she was dumb enough to marry you, she’ll believe anything.

Buster Keaton

Quoted by Buster Keaton:

Silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter.

Greta Garbo

Quoted by Greta Garbo:

Why haven’t I got a husband and children?” mused Greta Garbo to the Duchess of Windsor, “I never met a man I could marry.

Marisha Pessl

Quote by Marisha Pessl in Special Topics in Calamity Physics:

If all histories have a period known as The Golden Age, somewhere between The Beginning and The End, I suppose those Sundays during Fall Semester at Hannah’s were just that, or, to quote one of Dad’s treasured characters of cinema, the illustrious Norma Desmond as she recalled the lost era of silent film: “We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces.”

Leonard Maltin

Quoted by Leonard Maltin:

When it comes to the selections, I heard several observers claim that the Academy was embracing “nostalgia” by honoring The Artist and Hugo. Give me a break! Hugo represents cutting-edge storytelling by a world-class director—in 3-D, no less. The Artist dares to revisit a form of cinema that was abandoned in the late 1920s. The Academy members admired these films for making the past seem immediate and relevant. That has nothing to do with nostalgia; it has everything to do with great moviemaking, which is what the Academy Awards are all about.

Friday Facts

Welcome to Friday Facts; our new weekly post topic, through which we will dig up and post the most interesting silent era trivia we can find! If you have anything you want to add to these posts, or even if you have trivia of your own, please don’t be a stranger and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

Did you know that several of the Silent Era movie stars had nicknames of which they were well know by:


Oliver Hardy – Babe


Rudolph Valentino – Latin Lover


Mary Pickford – America’s Sweetheart


Greta Garbo – The Face


Roscoe Arbuckle – Fatty


John Gilbert – The Great Lover