A Laugh on Tuesday: A Selection of Will Ferrell Memes!

Will Ferrell 1

Will Ferrell 2

Will Ferrell 3

Will Ferrell 4

Will Ferrell 5

Will Ferrell 6

Will Ferrell 7

Will Ferrell 8Will Ferrell 9

Will Ferrell 10

Will Ferrell 11

Will Ferrell 12

Will Ferrell 13

Will Ferrell 14

Will Ferrell 15

Will Ferrell 17

Will Ferrell 18

Will Ferrell 19

Will Ferrell 20

Will Ferrell22


Will Ferrell 24

Will Ferrell 24

Will Ferrell 25

And sure why not finish this selection of Will Ferrell memes with some footage of the bould Will Ferrell in action:

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A Laugh on Tuesday: Love/Hate

This week’s Laugh on Tuesday is based on the Irish Hit Drama Series: Love/Hate! If you haven’t seen any of this yet, check it out from Series One on Youtube and see what you’ve been missing!

Love Hate 1

Love Hate 2

Love Hate 3

Love Hate 4

Love Hate 5

Love Hate 6

Love Hate 7

Love Hate 8

Love Hate 9

Love Hate 10

Love Hate 11

Love Hate 13

Love Hate 14

Love Hate 14

Love Hate 16

Love Hate 17

And now for something completely different: Adolf Hitler learns that Darren has been shot dead in Love/Hate, and even he was distraught!

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A Laugh on Tuesday: Gone with the Wind!

Gone With The Wind 1

Gone With The Wind 2

Gone With The Wind 3

Gone With The Wind 4

Gone With The Wind 5

Gone With The Wind 6

Gone With The Wind 7

Gone With The Wind 8

Gone With The Wind 9

Gone With The Wind 10

Gone With The Wind 11

Gone With The Wind 12

Gone With The Wind 13

Gone With The Wind 14

Laugh Now, Laugh Later

Laugh Now, Laugh Later (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And for something completely different … well, from Gone with the Wind that is. How about this wee silent short titled Black Oxfords, which is a Mack Sennett from 1924. Till next week, have an ol’ laugh!

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