Friday Facts


Some facts I found online about silent film that were published on in 1947 by journalist Richard G. Hubler.

The Jungle

Film production companies were fierce busy back in the silent era, how about averaging three movies per week.

Tom Hanks

With that sort of work, what type of salary were some of the early film production crews on, well how about a good pay for a Hollywood film executive which would be around $50.00 per week.

Silent Film Extras

And then there were the film extras who were on about $1.50 per day. (Did they get their meals provided for as well I wonder)

Silent Film Director

Film directors did a bit better though, they were on about $150.00 per week. (No wonder they all lived in luxury)


And sure Cameramen were also well thought of with a salary of $80.00 per week.


Scriptwriters had to be very prolific, since they were averaging about $25 per script – must have been very heavy work on an old type-writer though.

Money Behind the Movies

And finally, Money must have really stretched far back then: About $500.00 for a big-budget production back in the silent-era – no wonder they could afford to squeeze out three movies per week. More next week. Log in and find out what new facts I have to reveal.

Posted by Michael ‘Charlie’ McGee

One thought on “Friday Facts

  1. John Kennedy of Nenagh posted a comment regarding this post on Facebook:

    “Money was appreciated back then, it’s gone crazy nowadays, $30,000,000 alone for a big name actor, so the budgets are massive, ok they sell better on dvd but i think the cinema has suffered, what with downloading and piracy i have no idea how the film industry survives and can afford to pay actors so much, some actors get a slice of the profits these days aswell, the silent and first talkie movies were honest and money was sensible, it was a living and a passion, now its a full on money racket.”

    Good man John – well said! Anyone else agree or other???

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