Midweek Matinee



Robert Redford has made a silent movie. And it sounds terrific.

 Robert Redford

In J.C Chandor’s All Is Lost he plays a lone sailor who runs into trouble on the ocean. Yes, it sounds very much like a rerun of The Old Man And The Sea. Astonishingly, Redford is now eighteen years older than Spencer Tracy was when he played Hemingway’s nameless old man in 1958.

 Old Man and the Sea

Tracy’s film was adapted by Peter Viertel and directed by John Sturges. For a meditative seafaring tale, it was surprisingly chatty. The Old Man talked so much, the marlin pretty much flung himself into the net.

All is Lost Poster

Redford’s film has no voice-over, no supporting cast, and no long monologues. We are promised a swear-word or two to keep things realistic. That sounds fair. Adrift on the Indian Ocean, even Mother Theresa might launch the odd volley.

 Lost at Sea Cat

All Is Lost gets a European release in December. Will we see it in Nenagh? Negotiations are under way.


Posted by Kevin McGee

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